Have you wonder why we prefer certain colors and why we disdain others? Do you find that you always choose the same colors for items like clothes, shoes, bags, etc?

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, believed that “humans have universal, bodily response to color stimulus” as well as to the extent that “colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious”.


Colors are so important in our lives. Sometimes it represents who we are and sometimes it also reveals how we feel. In branding and marketing, colors play a part in our buying decision. It tempts and draws us into believing that the product or services will fulfill our needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the colors below and what do they represent. As you scroll down the page, ask yourself if it true. Does it represent you or does it attract you because of what that color represents.

RED: This color is bold and strong. It represents passion, importance, excitement, masculinity, sexiness and fearlessness. It also brings awareness to a subject.

ORANGE: This color commands your attention immediately. It represents playfulness, energy, warmth, physical comfort, and fun. It also creates an impulse to do something.

YELLOW: This color is bright and inviting. It presents happiness, friendliness, optimism, positivity, joy and creativity.
GREEN: This color is soothing. It represents nature, stability, prosperity, harmony, universal love. It is a great color to show balance.
BLUE: This color is calming. It represents loyalty, trustworthiness, serenity, welcoming, intelligence and coolness. It also gives you a sense of security.
PURPLE: This color exudes elegance. It represents luxury, romance, royalty, authenticity and spiritual awareness. It also gives us a sense of mystery.
PINK: This color is soft. It represents youthfulness, femininity, innocence, physical tranquility, nurturing or love.
BROWN: This color is grounding. It represents earthiness and sturdiness. It also present a rustic atmosphere.
BLACK: This color is strong. It represents power, sophistication, edginess and glamor. It can also exude a sense of mystery.
WHITE: This color is clean. It represents purity, light, goodness, innocence, perfection and cleanliness. This color always exudes positivity.

Now that you’ve understand what these colors represent, do you understand why you tend prefer certain colors or why some colors are not your cup of tea?

I love colors and use it for different purposes.

For example, when I am working, I love to wear clothes that are neutrals – black, white, brown, etc. I’ve learnt from the amazing Tabatha Coffey that wearing neutral colors like black allows your customer to shine, instead of you. Your customer should always be in the spotlight and not us as a business person.

When I am not working, jeans is my go-to outfit. Jeans is versatile and it can go with every other colors on the rainbow spectrum!

However, when it comes to my brand colors, I always use blue and with different shades and tones. I want my clients to know that they can trust my company and me. It also gives them a sense of welcoming as well as calmness and peace. I want my clients to know that they are in good hands.

Now that you know what each color represents, do you know why you would prefer certain colors over others? How do you use colors for work, business and casual settings?

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

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