The month of February is coming to an end. So, is it too late to looking back in time at my 2017 journey? Definitely not.  It’s better now than never, right?

Looking Back In Time

2017 was not a good year and neither was it a bad year.  It was just a year that of discovery, both personal and business.  I would prefer to see it as a steep learning curve that has defined me as a person and as a business owner. Looking back at 2017 and all the things that I have gone through personally and professionally, this is how I have emerged and have my own victory.


I am much stronger and more resilient than I ever thought I could be.  There was a personal crisis that was carried over from 2016 and it made me very unhappy.  At one point in time, I had to take a step back and tell myself that I should stop being unhappy.  That “unhappiness” has to go and I started to rewrite a new story as to why and what makes me happy.  I was glad to be able to do that because my whole being and the things around me changed for the better.

Not only was my personal life was in crisis, my business was affected too.  I took my handmade jewelry business from a side hustle to a full-time entity at the beginning of 2016.  Towards the middle of 2017, I almost gave up.  The business was performing but it was not up to where it should be.  I’ve hired coaches to help me with the business but it was still not going anywhere (I will blog about it in another post why my first business didn’t really take off). It’s not the coaches fault. I was running out of steam, passion, creativity, and energy. 

But I refused to give up. I know that I am capable of doing a business. So, I took some time off and started to ask myself what’s my passion and what I would really like to do. Basically, I love to help people, particularly women and more so if they are in business. And I love work on projects.  At the end of the day, I came up with a new company, The Blue Keyboard, helping women entrepreneurs to create a dynamic, functional and responsive website as well as coaching them about Social Media.  It is only recently that I have included Personal Branding into the business because I feel strongly & passionately that we need to get this part right before anything else.

Going into business is very hard, there’s no doubt about it. But I am in so deep that giving up seemed to be such a waste of time. I know that I am only scratching the surface and have lots more things to learn and knowledge to absorb.  So, no, I am not giving up. I will continue to move forward and taste the sweetness of my success.


Looking back at 2017, I have also learned this thing about mindset. This is my takeaway:- Rewrite Your Story Yes, all of us had some bad breaks here and there. Some are minor while others are more severe. So, what do we do when we encounter negative experiences in our lives? Rewrite them into positive stories.

In my case, it was my handmade jewelry business.  I love the brand that I’ve created and the products were beautiful. There was amazing feedback and there were sales. Yet, it didn’t take off! Why? I couldn’t figure out. So I hired two different coaches to help me.  They are good coaches. They taught me many things that I didn’t know before. Yet, I was still stuck.  The coaches were not at fault, it was me.

Looking back at it now, I believe I was not 100% in the right place and frame of mind. I could have cried and given up. I could have blame everybody, including myself. But I didn’t do it. One of my coaches taught me to rewrite my story. And this is how my new story goes: I have learned a lot about being an entrepreneur. My knowledge has increased and so did my tenacity. I have learned more about email marketing, discovery calls, asking for sales, FB ads, etc. The knowledge is endless, the journey has just begun.  I am capable of doing even more!

With that, I moved on and The Blue Keyboard was created.


Before I went into business, I have never done any other affirmations before except for religious ones. So, when my coach taught me about daily affirmations, I was hooked. It made a difference in my life, my perspective and my thought processes. These days, I need to get my affirmations done in the morning before I start my day. It gives me energy and positive vibes to get started with my tasks.  Throughout the day, whenever I meet with some negative vibes or thoughts, I will quickly pull out an affirmation and it made a tremendous difference for the rest of my time. I have affirmations for personal, religious, business, money and creativity. It keeps me very focus on what I want to do and what I want to achieve.


I know that I have fears but I didn’t realised that I had so much of it.  If not for my coaches, I would not have known the amount of fear that I have within me. Because of this fear, I hesitate to do alot of things. I procrastinated, gave excuses and most times can be stubborn about not doing some work. There were times when I did do some things grudgingly.

My coach taught me this acronym for FEAR Fake Evidence Appearing Real So I had to ask myself if the evidence is real or fake. If it’s fake, then there is really nothing to fear at all. For example, I used to fear that people don’t like me, they don’t like my products, they don’t like my message, etc. Are there evidences that this is real or it’s just my own head talking to myself? Once I knew that truth, then it became easier for me to be more visible. 

When I got rid of those fears, I was more confident and self-assured. When fear is gone, love and self-confidence will take over. I must say that I didn’t totally got rid of all my fears in 2017, but most of it were gone.  But I managed to get rid of some fears for this year.  So, it is still work in progress but it’s a great improvement from last year.

Life is a journey of self-discovery and learning. While 2017 may not be a great year for me, yet it was somehow a not-too-bad a year because of what I have learnt about myself and for my business.

We are now going into March 2018 and I am still here with my business. I am very hopeful that my business will take off and that I am able to help women entrepreneurs to have a consistent online & offline presence. The struggles are still there but that’s part and parcel of an entreprenuer.  Struggles help to ground us and make us work smarter and not taking things for granted.

I do hope that you have enjoyed my blog post. Please feel free to leave comments or even just to say hi!

Giving you hope, passion & love.






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