Ever since quitting my full-time job back in 2015 and started my handmade jewelry business on a full-time basis in 2016, I have never been happier.

20 over years of working in the corporate environment left me jaded, stressed and unhappy. Don’t get me wrong. Over the years, I have served a few bosses and most of them were fantastic. You can never ask for more. And I have worked with so many colleagues and some of them have become long-term friends.

However, I find that the work I did was becoming too routine for me. There were not many opportunities for promotion or moving to another department of choice. I have always been told, “You don’t have the relevant experience”

So, I have decided enough is enough. I quit my job at the end of 2015 and made my part-time jewelry business into a full-time venture. I struggled in my business and my learning curve was very, very steep.

I wanted to give up so many times but I told myself to give it another year. I am glad that I didn’t quit. Because of these experiences, I am able to create a second business to help new and small business owners with their website and social media platforms.

Even things may not go my way or the stress of running a new business is tough, I will still plow on. I have daily affirmations to carry me through and I am definitely feeling stronger and more determined than before.

What about you? What are your before and after experiences as an entrepreneur?




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